A nerdy activist blog.

Welcome back!

To Nerd on the Rocks, the blog. The hub. HQ. Whatever you want to call it, really. I’m back blogging now. Have a couple of nice blogs coming up and am reading a ton of books I’d love to talk about in later stages. A lot has happened over the last couple of years and there is a ton of stuff I want to get off my chest. Back to blogging for me, not for fame (ha) or money (haha).


There is anything specific you’d like me to talk about or story time about certain events in my life, do not hesitate to ask. As you all know, I have no filter which I believe is a good thing. I am very much aware that a lot has happened and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you want to contact me in private, you can do so on the contact page.

Book blogger?

I have been trying to book blog for years. Seriously, my first reviews were back in my LiveJournal days (2001ish?). Can’t wait to get back into it. However, some of my favourite books are in Dutch (the new Sofie Rozendaal, for example) and I don’t really know yet what to do with that – just make Dutch blogposts? Maybe. We’ll see.

Looking forward to welcoming you back to the blog,

In a few days. There will be some more, new content. See you soon and don’t forget to stay in touch and leave a comment!