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Back to blogging, for me.

Back to blogging, for me? Back to blogging, for me. I don’t know why I stopped, think it was a combination of writer’s block and complete lack of motivation to do anything. SAD tends to hit during the wintertime and I generally don’t want to get out of bed or do anything while it’s in …

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30. Vlogtober on Youtube!

Vlogtober? After talking about it (and sometimes actually uploading) for years, I finally started a proper Youtube channel. This month, October, is Vlogtober over on the channel. What that means is that I will be posting a new video every day. Sometimes it will be an actual vlog and I’ll post about my day, sometimes …


22. BRB

You can tell exactly when I started University, that’s when the blogs stopped. As it happens, I have a 6 week break coming up in December so will be back on the blogging side of things, but at the moment it is very busy. Working, doing a full time course in UL (that I will …