29. World Suicide Prevention Day

Trigger Warning: Suicide Yesterday was World Suicide Prevention Day. Even though it has been 5 years since my last suicide attempt, it is still very much present in my life these days. Thankfully, I got saved and found on time. If you’d have told me then what I know now, I wouldn’t have believed you. A lot has happened in the last 5 years. Since then, I broke up with then boyfriend, moved to Ireland, and I have a baby and a business. It really gets better. Don’t worry, I do realise I am very lucky. I wouldn’t have been here to live my dreams of owning businesses and having children if it was up to me at the time. However, it’s okay to not be okay. I have lost a couple of friends to suicide over the last couple of years, ones that eventually did lose the battle with their minds. They’re not weak, READ MORE

25. It’s #TimeToTalk (about academic anxiety).

Today is the first Thursday of February, not only known as Groundhog Day but also as Time To Talk Day. I started writing this article at Uni earlier, but finishing it now on the blog. If I say “I’m fine” I’m lying. Especially if nothing else follows that sentence or I start random small talk. If I say “I’m okay” I’m actually doing alright. To me, “how are you?” or “are you okay?” are often the worst questions someone can ask me. When it’s an acquaintance asking I will lie if I’m not feeling so great. When it’s a friend or someone I trust asking those questions I might just burst into tears. Tears are a sign I’m not okay. I don’t cry and I definitely don’t cry in public. My anxiety rose after I started university last September. I know I could write (and I love writing) but I choked when it came to READ MORE

22. BRB

You can tell exactly when I started University, that’s when the blogs stopped. As it happens, I have a 6 week break coming up in December so will be back on the blogging side of things, but at the moment it is very busy. Working, doing a full time course in UL (that I will definitely be blogging about), volunteerwork for Clare’s Wish Foundation and of course being a mammy and running a household. I used to think I was Superwoman but it turns out I’m not? How rude. There’s a few half written blogs about how I ended up living in Ireland and what happened that I ended up changing my mind about switching electives for next year. I still have my mind made up about the course itself and I’m definitely not going to change that, but I’ve found sociology very interesting now that I’ve had that for a full semester. Apparently it’s READ MORE

10. The #GGBlogChallenge Introduction

Introduce yourself. Where are you from and what do you love about your home town? Or #GGBlogChallenge, Day 1. Hello! I’m Jantien. Some call me Jay, most call me Jan and only a select few in Limerick call me Jantien. Born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands but I have been living in Limerick for a couple of years now. The people is the thing I love most about Limerick. Most are very welcoming and it’s not that difficult to make friends here, or at least some buddies to hang out with in the park or the pub. Maybe even have coffee or lunch with them. However, Rotterdam will always be ‘home’. Every time I walk or drive across the Erasmus Bridge, see the little green towers of Hotel New York and look over to the harbour, that’s when I feel at home. My heart is at peace there and flashbacks and memories are popping READ MORE