Mental Health For Millenials 4

What is Mental Health for Millenials? Mental Health For Millenials bookseries started by Dr. Niall Mc over at Book Hub Publishing. People are invited to write a chapter that links in with a certain theme. Three books have already been published, number 4 is coming on Saturday – World Mental Health Day. So… what’s new? Last year, Niall asked me to write a chapter for book 4, on wellness and well-being. Had a few ideas in mind, but ended up writing a chapter about our homelessness last year. It was still fresh and a little raw so I could dive right back into my feelings at the time. You can read small bit here: I slept most of the days when the toddler had gone to preschool and ever so slowly, I came back to myself. Days in the hotel turned into weeks. Thankfully we had the savings to pay for the hotel room, but READ MORE