Back to Youtube?

Wait, video? Seems I’m recording more videos than blogging these days, even though #Blogtober preparations are well on the way at this stage! I used to love making video and uploading them to YouTube. General silliness, Ice Bucket challenge in 2014, drunk chatty videos, everything. Hope to do more with it, including businessy stuff for Alicorn. But we all know that I’m basically a big, sarcastic child. Which means I’ll stick to my video roots of general silliness. And last week, something happened. I decided to start over and actually use my YouTube channel. Dave, Justin and I like to record silly requests for this radioshow called ‘All Request Saturday Night’ hosted by Ron Sedaille on Fun Tower Radio. On Saturday, after hosting the ’80s Mixtape’ on Limerick City Community Radio, Dave and I decided to record another request for that night. As I was messing about with my camera during the show anyway, I READ MORE

30. Vlogtober on Youtube!

Vlogtober? After talking about it (and sometimes actually uploading) for years, I finally started a proper Youtube channel. This month, October, is Vlogtober over on the channel. What that means is that I will be posting a new video every day. Sometimes it will be an actual vlog and I’ll post about my day, sometimes it will be a random video or me chatting or creating. Yesterday I posted the trailer, today I will take you along on my day. I’ll be heading to LCCR in an hour to cover for Patrick Mercie, and Danny and I will be kickstarting the week! Of course I will post some behind the scenes footage of that. Please subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with the videos because you’ll be notified then! Here is the trailer: Thank you and chat soon, Jx