What is Mental Health for Millenials?

Mental Health For Millenials bookseries started by Dr. Niall Mc over at Book Hub Publishing. People are invited to write a chapter that links in with a certain theme. Three books have already been published, number 4 is coming on Saturday – World Mental Health Day.

So… what’s new?

Last year, Niall asked me to write a chapter for book 4, on wellness and well-being. Had a few ideas in mind, but ended up writing a chapter about our homelessness last year. It was still fresh and a little raw so I could dive right back into my feelings at the time. You can read small bit here:

I slept most of the days when the toddler had gone to preschool and ever so slowly, I came back to myself. Days in the hotel turned into weeks. Thankfully we had the savings to pay for the hotel room, but we knew we couldn’t keep it up forever.

For the rest of it, order the book on the 10th of October! HERE


I’m both very excited and absolutely terrified. It’s my first properly published writing. In lockdown I find myself taking more time for the things I love to do, and writing is definitely one of them!

What are the favourite things you’ve written? Please leave your links below!