A charity auction?

Yes indeed. Early May, Rapecrisis Midwest suffered a break-in at their Limerick premises. They had damage and their offices were turned upside down. I decided I wanted to do something to help them and settled on an art auction. I contacted local artists and a lot of them came back to me saying they would help and donate art.

In the middle of a pandemic?

Indeed. We were bang in the middle of our first lockdown, so we had to go online. I created a Facebook page where people could bid on the art or donate if they didn’t see anything to their liking. Some of the artists dropped off their artwork and some were able to send it or used digital artwork instead.

Auction time!

It look a little longer than I thought it would, between the organisation of the auction and the media buzz (thanks Nick at the Limerick Leader and Richard at ILoveLimerick) so I decided to go in August. Everyone would still be home in lockdown and have time to look at Facebook.

Over 20 pieces went up and we raised about €1200 between the donations and the artwork!