Introduce yourself. Where are you from and what do you love about your home town?
Or #GGBlogChallenge, Day 1.

Day One

Hello! I’m Jantien. Some call me Jay, most call me Jan and only a select few in Limerick call me Jantien. Born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands but I have been living in Limerick for a couple of years now. The people is the thing I love most about Limerick. Most are very welcoming and it’s not that difficult to make friends here, or at least some buddies to hang out with in the park or the pub. Maybe even have coffee or lunch with them.

However, Rotterdam will always be ‘home’. Every time I walk or drive across the Erasmus Bridge, see the little green towers of Hotel New York and look over to the harbour, that’s when I feel at home. My heart is at peace there and flashbacks and memories are popping into my brain.

So there, a little bit about my places. Both are home, but in completely different ways!