I am pregnant, the title isn’t clickbait. A little over 3 months, at this stage. I found out in March and until I got out of that first trimester, I didn’t tell a lot of people. My mum was here in Ireland at the time and I told her after a couple of days, but only after I’d seen the GP to make sure it was real and everything was okay. I didn’t really know whether I should blog about it but made a post in a lupus support group on Facebook and asked if people would be interested in reading it. The people that replied said yes so here we are.


Back in 2009 I got diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, SLE for short but better known as lupus. There is a whole backstory to that diagnosis that I will blog about at another time or might even make a video talking about it. Did an #AMA ‘Nerd on the Radio’ show about it and after I got asked to go on Limerick’s Live95fm ‘Limerick Today’ show I explained some more on there.

#AMA #NerdontheRadio


I used to have a blog specifically dedicated to my lupus story back in the day. Due to a big internet cleanup session that will go away in the next couple of weeks. I’m planning to post some of the old posts here, like my 9 month journey to the official diagnosis. I find making (short) videos easier than creating long blogposts lately, so I’ll be immersing myself into video editing and will create some videos about lupus as well. I’ll do more #AMA stuff but will put up posts asking for questions when the time comes. Of course, if you have questions already please let me know in the comments!

Lupus on the radio?

Because I’m fairly vocal about my lupus and tweeted about it, I ended up on a Limerick’s Live95fm radioshow yesterday morning, Joe Nash’s ‘Limerick Today‘. You can listen back to that part here:

What now?

In the next post I’ll talk more about how I found out I was pregnant and what the effects of lupus are on my pregnancy. For one, I’m now a high risk pregnancy so have to go for a checkup every 3 weeks instead of every 6-8 weeks in the first couple of months of the pregnancy. There is loads more to that, like bloodtests and scans, but will post about that soon!

Lupus Awareness