You can tell exactly when I started University, that’s when the blogs stopped. As it happens, I have a 6 week break coming up in December so will be back on the blogging side of things, but at the moment it is very busy. Working, doing a full time course in UL (that I will definitely be blogging about), volunteerwork for Clare’s Wish Foundation and of course being a mammy and running a household. I used to think I was Superwoman but it turns out I’m not? How rude.

There’s a few half written blogs about how I ended up living in Ireland and what happened that I ended up changing my mind about switching electives for next year. I still have my mind made up about the course itself and I’m definitely not going to change that, but I’ve found sociology very interesting now that I’ve had that for a full semester. Apparently it’s not as dull as one might think!

Time to head to University, chat soon. Jx