Back to blogging, for me?

Back to blogging, for me. I don’t know why I stopped, think it was a combination of writer’s block and complete lack of motivation to do anything. SAD tends to hit during the wintertime and I generally don’t want to get out of bed or do anything while it’s in full force. I also think that setting the bars too high might have something to do with it, so this time I won’t do it. No bars, no schedule, no exact hitting the Yoast SEO scores.

What now?

Back in the day I used to love blogging and do it all for myself. I might have posted them publicly, but the selfcare side was much more important. I blogged a lot, I still have about 5 blogs floating around on the internet but I’m slowly shutting them all down so I can focus on this one. This is my little place on the internet, my home. From now on, all my personal writing and updates will go here. That might mean some subjects are personal and not to your liking, but feel free to stop reading and read Erin‘s Jen‘s or Katie‘s blog instead. I am completely fine with that.

Diary? Video diary?

As there are a lot of things happening, I might also use this as a diary. Of course there will be the article style blogs, but life is crazy and interesting and sometimes it just should be blogged about really! I used to video blog as well and after a conversation I had with a friend earlier I went on a bit of a treasure hunt and found my old Youtube channel. I started vlogging in 2007, 11 years ago! You might see some bits and pieces from the old videos on my new Youtube channel the next couple of months.

But how?

Will probably vlog like I did in the old days, just bring my videocamera along and see what happens but also do a couple of sit down chatty videos as well. There are definitely some stories that need telling! Might keep a bit of a video diary as it is nice for the folks at home, keeping eachother updated while living ~1000k away can be challenging at times. Just keep an eye to the channel, content there should start popping up the next couple of days.

Anything else?

Not really, no. Still loving life as a self-employed digital marketer. Still doing #NerdontheRadio even though I took a bit of a break at the beginning of the year. Volunteering? But of course, as an ambassador for the Hibbs Lupus Trust and spending hours in the LCCR studio on the team. Hanging out with the Benjamin a lot as he’s still young and only a little bit of time left before he goes to school and I’ll get to see a lot less of him. Just trying to find the fun back in blogging and I think this is a great first step.

Back to blogging, for me.