Back in July 2014, I wrote this post:

Earlier today, I got this tweet from one of my friends: “In fact I double dare you! 🙂 Writers yearn to be read! Let us read you!” and decided to start this blog. I’m scared of people actually reading my random thoughts, short stories and random ramblings so here goes nothing. I might use this blog more as a diary than an actual blog, because my mind is too random to focus on just one thing and I’ll probably end up all over the place. Since it’s Tumblr: yes there will be pretty pictures to be posted as well, I know how this website works.

Who I am? A Dutch girl, twentysomething, mostly gay with a weak spot for just this one guy. People call me rebel, nerd, cold bitch or babe. Can’t live without Twitter. Crazy cat lady. Official nerd by trade, but I might go back to uni next year to finish journalism at Uni. I have an auto-immune disease, lupus, so I might write about that if (more like when) it bothers me or I want to share something about it. Hobbies including but not limited to reading, listening to the radio, playing videogames, crafting random things, Formula One and taking pictures. I used to edit other people’s erotica and really want to get back into doing that.

Fierce activist, one of the main reasons I want to finish journalism at the uni. Document injustice in the world in hopes of making it a better place later. Other dreams include having a show on Youtube making cocktails and make items about booze geekery, like visiting distilleries and talking to bartenders (who, of course, can make their signature cocktail on the show).

I’m a firm believer in not ever growing up, so I’ll be walking around in my underwear, eat icecream for breakfast, watch Disneymovies, jump in rain puddles and still build blanket forts. Because that’s what childish adults do, right? I do realize I’m closer to my thirties than my teens, but I still get my ID checked when buying booze, so who cares.

Blanket Fort

Also a little bit of a hippie in my free time. I like hulahooping, spend a lot of time walking around outside, mind the moonphases, rarely eat meat, dance the night away and drink like there’s no tomorrow.

That’s it for now, see you all at the next post!

PS: Excuse the Mulan reference in the title of this post, I can’t really live without referencing movies and tv shows. Especially that one.

Back to the now. I think it’s seriously time for me to start writing again. Not even specifically blogging, but there are so many stories waiting to come out. I will practice with some writing prompts, that might end up here as well. I have set myself a personal goal and there’s a nice treat at the end if I make it: Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass: The Art of Storytelling. Wish me luck!