A 15 minute stream of consciousness writing exercise. Help, where do I start? Already misspelled my first word but what can you do. I’m looking forward to the rest of the 14 days of writing, wherever that will take me. I’m officially starting on day 3 due to my mother being here and just not taking the time even though I know I should take that time. There are just too many distractions, too much to do. I’ve all of the excuses, like having a newborn baby and having just moved so I have to sort my house. I know I need to sit down and just write write write, but there is always that voice in the back of my mind asking “what if I’m not good enough?” However, I do realise you can never be or become good if you don’t sit down to write. Even writing crap will make you a better writer eventually because you know what not to do next time. Had a sneak peek at my timer, still on 11 minutes. Saw a notification pop up from my much better half and I don’t want to look, I know I should write. I… we… also need to stop editing while we write. Write first, edit later, do not translate and edit and write all at the same time because it will just not work out. Almost removed the “just” there, another editing while I write even though I was just talking about that. Why does my brain work like this?

Realised I do like this exercise of writing stream of consciousness (I spelled it right this time!) because you can just (again – just) whatever you want and filter out the stuff you want to expand on. Sarah said that all stories are valid and need to be told. I committed to a 2000 word chapter to Niall for Mental Health for Millennials and have a couple of topics. Maybe I should just write them and see which ones work best for the ‘wellness’ topic before committing to the one topic for the book. The other stories can work for other books, my blog that I want to restart or my portfolio. Hell, if I talk about them instead of writing them all down, it will work for my brilliant Youtube channel idea. Or the podcast. There are just so many ideas floating about at the moment but I, here we go full circle, I never sit down and do something with them. It’s just ideas and 0 action. As the guy in the Hobbit game said, “all fart and no poo.” All talk, no solid content. 

Another sneak peek at the timer, 4:43 to go. Oliver just walked in so his message mustn’t have been that important, which gives me another realisation. Sitting down to write won’t be the worst thing in the world. Other things can wait. Maybe not my beautiful newborn baby if she were to cry (she’s sleeping soundly next to me at the moment – don’t worry), but the other things. Phone notifications, cleaning, sorting out the house, that kind of stuff. Also realising I’m writing like I’m talking to someone but you know what, it makes it a little easier for me personally. That way it feels more like a conversation, this stream of consciousness. I realised before that I do it while writing blogs, columns and articles as well but surely it can be edited later to make it look more professional and that the first draft doesn’t have to be (and won’t ever be) perfect. Good exercise, this one, for thinking and sorting my own brain when it comes to writing. My academic anxiety blog was a good one as well, but this exercise just makes it a little more concrete. 

Alright, stopping here after Day 1 – 15 minute Stream of Consciousness exercise for the #14DaysOfWriting workshop by @Writers_HQ.